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Motorcycle Injury Accidents

Stockton Motorcycle Accident Lawyer | Motorcycle Attorney Stockton | Motorcycle Accident Lawyer In Stockton

Motorcycle accidents comprise a significant number of accident-related fatalities each year, approximately eight percent, even though motorcyclists represent a minority of drivers (a mere two percent) on the road. Motorcycles provide little protection in a crash. At best, the motorcyclist is protected by a safe helmet, leather apparel to protect his body, arms & legs, while riding a motorcycle with good brakes and mechanically sound. The motorcyclist even in optimum situations is no contest for the errant driver of an automobile or truck as well as road hazards that may be found on streets and highways. Motorcycle accidents, therefore, most often result in serious injuries or the death of the motorcycle driver.

Safe design requires that road users must have sufficient time to be able to see, process and react to information. The principles are the same for motorcyclists and all road users, however, the standards are more critical for motorcyclists as errors can have more severe consequences.

What Types of Hazardous Road Design & Defects Cause Motorcycle Accidents? Some of the most common design hazards include:
  • Limited visibility
  • Weather
  • Blind corner
  • Lack of appropriate warning
  • Glare from poorly sited street lights
  • Poor sight lines
  • Speed hump
  • Poor delineation of vehicle path
  • Barrier curbing
  • Low curbing
  • Cobble stones or pavers
  • Landscaping
  • Traffic islands that are not lit or delineated for night visibility
  • Culverts
  • Uncovered drainage pits
  • Motorcycle Accidents Resulting from Product Defects

Compensation for Motorcycle Accidents May Include:
  • Payment of your medical bills.
  • Compensation for future medical care.
  • Repair or replacement of your motorcycle.
  • Medical treatment, whether you have insurance or not.
  • Recovery of your loss of earnings and any future losses.
  • Reimbursement for your out of pocket expenses incurred.
  • Maximum recovery for pain and suffering of your physical and emotional injuries.
  • Rental Reimbursement.

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